Operating Since 2014.

Background Checks – South Africa

It pays to know who you’re dealing with. Whether you’re hiring new staff, looking to do business with someone new, or need to know what your background looks like, we can help.

When you provide us with a persons details, our real experts hunt through billions of closed records to find evidence of:

  • Serious crimes
  • Deceptive & fraudulent conduct
  • Illegal activities (including illicit sexual interests and drug use)
  • Criminal associates
  • Violent behaviour
  • Negative character traits
  • Red flags, and more

To find this information, firstly we search our private database containing all current and historical court records in Africa. We then hunt through deleted websites, hidden chatrooms, darkweb repositories, webpages, public records and more than 2.2 billion private records to find what you need to know.

Due to the sensitive nature of what we find, we use real people to conduct background checks. Everything is analysed by our experts’ eyes, not code. This means that if we find something we feel is important, we’ll include it in the background check. We’ll securely email you the results in under 24 hours.

Our background checks cost $40 USD and can be submitted within three minutes, using the form below. The person you wish us to background check will never be made aware of the process, and your identity will always remain protected. By submitting a background check, you are confirming that you do not have any court order preventing you from gathering sensitive information on the individual.